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Act or Service Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below are relevant to both the person who is hiring the entertainment; known as the "client" and the supplier of the entertainment or service for any event; known as the "artiste/service"


By using our site, you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate

Any material you upload to our site will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and we have the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any such material for any purpose. We also have the right to disclose your identity to any third party who is claiming that any material posted or uploaded by you to our site constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or of their right to privacy.

We will not be responsible, or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any materials posted by you or any other user of our site and have the right to remove any material or posting you make on this site.

Privacy Statement

1. Ultimate Entertainment complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 when dealing with all data received from any visitors to this site.
2. We only hold the data necessary to offer services provided on our website.
3. We only hold personal data for as long as necessary. Once data is no longer needed it is deleted from our files.
4. We never sell, rent or exchange mailing lists.
5. We may send emails to existing customers or prospective customers who have enquired or registered with us, regarding products or services directly provided by us.
6. All emails sent by us will be clearly marked as originating from us.
7. We will produce a document of contract between your act or service and client through an email booking notification; these contracts may be used in a court of law if no amicable closure can be resolved from any dispute.

Terms of Business

1. You will have made yourself known to us and have provided/undertake to provide the personal details requested by us to enable us, with your agreement, to introduce, negotiate and secure Engagements on your behalf as appropriate to your talent or service, capabilities and qualifications. When an Engagement has been negotiated and accepted by both you and the client, a contract, whether verbal or written, then exists. We will issue or arrange the issue of appropriate documentation confirming specific details for each Engagement negotiated on your behalf with a client. The contract will be between you and the client.

2. We will be entitled to the Commission of 10% of your gross fee or a set commission placed on top of your net fee for introducing and/or negotiating such an Engagement. Commission will be due on all Engagements introduced and/or negotiated on your behalf; some commissions will be paid direct by the client on confirming the booking. You should note that if you do not honor any Engagement and your failure to honor such Engagement causes a loss of revenue to us, you will be required to pay the Commission on the Fee you would have received for such Engagement except where your failure to perform is caused by reason of illness or by "Force Majeure". In the case of illness you will be expected to provide us with a Medical Certificate within seven days.

3. You will agree to pay Commission on any Fee paid or payable to you for any renewals and/or extensions of any Engagements made on your behalf and on any re-engagement made with any hirer at any venue originally introduced, negotiated and/or secured by us where such re-engagement is agreed within a twelve month period of the original Engagement "dependent on circumstances and discussions" .

4. On all Engagements you undertake where payment is made to you or any third party on your behalf on the night where the client has not paid any deposit directly to us, Commission is payable to us on any such Fee, within seven days of such Engagement and on presentation of our invoice whichever is the later. If your account falls more than 30 days overdue then we will be entitled to add interest on a daily basis equivalent to an annual rate of 2% over Bank of England base rate if we deem suitable.

5. In the event that we have already charged you (or deducted) Commission on an Engagement where it transpires that the Fees are not met in full, then we will rebate our Commission (or issue a credit note) on that portion of your Fees that you did not receive through default on the part of the hirer but this must be reported to us within seven days of the event ending.
6. It is not our responsibility to recover overdue unpaid monies from any hirer, but we will help peruse any unpaid monies owed by sending out an invoice on your behalf, depending on the circumstances this may incur a 5% charge of the outstanding balance.

7. We will be required to provide some of the personal information that you provide to us to each potential hirer once confirmation of the booking has been received. Aside from this, we will keep the personal information you provide us on file and will use it only as necessary to secure work for you. We will not otherwise divulge such information to third parties without your express consent except where we are required to make any such disclosure to your professional body or required to make such disclosure by law. You must be aware that if we receive any information about you that indicates that you may be unsuitable for any Engagement, we are under a legal obligation to notify the hirer as soon as we become aware of that information and/or to investigate such information. You will on request provide us with such information and documents as we require enabling us to properly investigate such information.

8. In the event that an Engagement negotiated and confirmed for you is cancelled by a client, we will request that some payment may be made as in our booking terms and conditions. You should note that we act only as your Agents in securing Engagements for you and are not a party to the agreement for any Engagement. We will assist in such claim(s) only in so far as we will provide you with copies of any notes or documentation that we hold relevant to the cancelled Engagement. Cancelation and payment details are stated below as in our booking terms and conditions.

Cancellation by the client may incur a cancellation charge and will agree to the stated details below, when the agreed service has been finalized both parties will be in a binding contract that could be used in a court of law if not mutually settled, this will be subject to a discussion with the client and in some cases may not incur the above charge

Date of cancellation

Cancellation Charge

90 days before date of event

No Cancellation Charge but loss of deposit

60 day before date of event

25% of balance

30 days before date of event

50% of Balance

Less than 14 days before date of event

100% of Balance


9. It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment or venue (where applicable) is maintained in a safe condition, particularly electrical equipment which should be PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certified, a copy of this documentation may be asked to be provided. All venues should ensure that any such entertainment licences are held or otherwise stated on you advertisement page to ensure this is clearly understood by the client or act performing.

10. It is your responsibility to arrange, and keep current, suitable Public Liability insurance. We recommend that this cover should be in the sum of not less than £5,000,000, this documentation may be asked to be produced at any venue that requests it. If you need assistance in gaining such insurance please contact us and we will try an assist in any way we can.

11. Our appointment under these terms of business is non-exclusive and you will be entitled to appoint other agents on your behalf. We do not give you any guarantees as to the level of work or number of Engagements that we will introduce to you. You can terminate our appointment by giving us no less than 30 days notice in writing of your intention to do so. We can terminate our appointment by giving you no less than 30 days notice of our intention to stop acting for you. In the event our appointment is terminated for whatever reason, you will still be required to pay us the Commission as set out above

12. If any Engagement requires you to work with any persons under the age of 18, you will, on request, provide us with such additional information as we require ensuring you are suitable for that position

13. If law is introduced and passed in parliament that states that the artiste is required to hold a current ProDub licence in order to legally perform, then the artiste hereby agrees to obtain such a licence as necessary and for it to be in place whilst accepting and subsequently fulfilling bookings.
In the event of a dispute or complaint from either party, the issue must be put in writing and forwarded to us within 14 days. We will mediate with the intention of reaching a satisfactory outcome. If the matter cannot be resolved, or an agreement reached, then the Client and Artiste or Service should seek independent legal advice. We are not responsible for the Client or Artiste or Service and their failures but will attempt to settle all disputes swiftly and satisfactorily.

Tick the box to accept these terms and conditions.