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Booking Terms & Conditions

If you decide to book any act or service from our site you will be need to fully read and agree to the terms below

Booking Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below are relevant to both the person who is hiring the entertainment act or service; known as the “client” and the supplier of the entertainment or service for any event; known as the “artiste/service”

Ultimate Entertainment acts as the contact between the “client” and “artiste or service” up until the point that the booking is confirmed then all contact details will be passed between the two parties to finalise details.

Fees are based on a “Fee per performance” basis or “Fee per service”. We will advise both parties involved; the client and artiste or service of the arrangements agreed for an event which will include venue location, date of event, relevant contact details, services required and agreed fees. We aim to provide the most detailed arrangements to both parties to ensure a successful event is achieved.

Once the artiste has agreed to the date requested and a confirmation email has been received an email will be passed to the client to secure the booking.

When booking entertainment or services through our website, the client will be required to pay a 10% deposit beforehand which secures the booking which is non-refundable if the client cancels the event. If the artiste/service is unable to fulfil their obligation for the event the deposit will be refunded.

Once the client has sent the deposit and confirmed by email the booking is then confirmed and secured and details will be passed to the “artiste or service” who will then contact the “client”

The fee quoted and arranged in a new booking will be the all inclusive figure and will contain no hidden extras afterwards. As a deposit will have been paid the remaining balance of the fee is to be paid to the artiste or service on the day of the event preferably in cash or on a set date before the event that has been agreed by both parties. If the client would prefer to pay by cheque to the artist or service the client must contact them directly using contact information provided to agree this with them, payments by cheque may be required in advance of up to two weeks before the stated event date.

When the client and the artiste or service has completed the contact process then the booking process is completed and both parties have entered into a contractual arrangement in which the "offer" was the quotation provided completes the booking process.

The client and artiste agree that any future bookings arising from this engagement either directly or indirectly within 12 months of the last performance date on this agreement shall be negotiated through Ultimate Entertainment.

Cancellation by the client may incur a cancellation charge and will agree to the stated details below, when the agreed service has been finalised both parties will be in a binding contract that could be used in a court of law if not mutually settled.

Date of cancellation

Cancellation Charge

90 days before date of event

No Cancellation Charge but loss of deposit

60 day before date of event

25% of balance

30 days before date of event

50% of Balance

Less than 14 days before date of event

100% of Balance


The artiste may not cancel an event unless they are unable to perform due to force majeure, or in the event of illness or accident resulting in the artiste being unable to fulfil the performance, immediate contact must be made with the agency and client. If there is a cancellation by the artist any deposits paid by the client will be returned in full within 7 days of the cancelled event date, alternative entertainment can be offered if requested.

The artist is to perform the pre-arranged set times as set out in the confirmation sheet and is not committed to any extra performance times thereafter. If required, additional performance times may be arranged at the discretion of the artiste on the night but may require an additional charge, any other service provided will agree to the stated times or service offered as set out in the conformation email to the client.

The artiste is required to wear appropriate stage clothing and a changing area must be provided for the artiste if required, a public toilet isn't acceptable as a changing area

If an artist or service feels they are being verbally or physically abused they reserve the right to terminate the contract without a refund

The Client agrees to be responsible for harm, loss, or damage of any kind to equipment,person or property while located at the place of performance.

The persons signing for Client and the artist or service agree to be personally, jointly and severally liable for the terms of this contract.

All rebooking or subsequent engagement arising from the contracted booking are to be negotiated through this agency and not direct’.

All acts or certain services are not required to provide party/backing music through their PA system in order to provide a full evening's entertainment or service. An actual Disco DJ may be requested in the quotation process but there is likely to be an additional fee

Any other requirements- An electrical powerpoint must be available for acts to plug in their equipment.